first and Third Trimester Yoga

first and Third Trimester Yoga

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Heal-In Sutras Online Prenatal Yoga

Yoga. The answer to holistic living. It can nurture a healthier you while you create another human within your body. Heal-In Sutras brings online prenatal yoga sessions, especially customized for you, the moms-to-be, within the comfort of your home.
We provide only customized sessions tailored to suit our moms-to-be’s current health status, body type and history of ailments. We ensure the prenatal yoga classes progress per your comfort, convenience and speed. We track your journey through each trimester, and as your body changes, so do our ways.
Our expert trainers prepare you mentally and physically for labor and delivery. They fine-tune the session designs to ensure the smoothest pregnancy experience for you and your baby.
We follow a holistic approach to achieve your complete well-being. Besides prenatal yoga, including pranayama and meditation, our sessions offer diet consultation and lifestyle modifications that cater to the needs of every mom-to-be.
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A baby makes three. We make sure it arrives healthy.

Simply exercising is not enough. You and your baby need more. That’s why we offer specialized prenatal yoga classes online, so we can reach you no matter where you are.


Over a decade’s experience in prenatal yoga, thousands of moms led through joyous pregnancy clients from all over the world. It is the love showered upon us by moms-to-be that brought us worldwide recognition.


Led by the globally renowned yoga instructor, Ms Shilpa Kohli. A veteran professional in prenatal and postnatal yoga, nutrition and lifestyle, acupressure, color and magnet therapy.

Our Approach

We combine ancient Yoga techniques with constant follow-ups and a well-planned diet chart. From a woman to a mother, we make the journey smooth for you.

Our Team

We hire the crème de la crème. Our extensive screening process selects only up to 15% of the candidates from reputed institutes and at least three years of experience. If they share our passion for pregnancy yoga, they make it to the team of Heal-In Sutras trainers

Our virtual prenatal yoga programs nurse you well.

others have gotten the same benefit, you can expect the same too

Reduced Pregnancy complications & Anxiety

Optimal birth position of the baby

Better chances of a normal delivery

Mom is up to date and educated aids in dealing with uncertainty and misery.

Prepare for Postpartum as well a swift recovery

Lower any potential risk for you and your baby

Our team is equipped to handle critical cases & we have handled the below cases as well

Placenta Previa

Placenta lying too low in the uterus this condition might result in preterm birth

Pelvic pain

Pain felt in the lower abdomen, which is situated between the hip bones in the pelvic region

Cervical Cerclage

The Cervix closed through stitches, necessitating utmost caution

Short cervix

The Length of the cervix is shorter than average, causing premature contraction and cervical infection


Increased blood pressure and frequently high protein levels in the urine. Has an impact on a child’s growth and causes placental abruption

Gestational Diabetes

Is extremely common during pregnancy, can increase the baby’s birth weight, and cause various issues

...And This is How People Showered Us With Love!

Dr.Shilpa is an amazing, dedicated yoga teacher. When I was so much confused and worried about my high-risk pregnancy . she counselled me so well and her words helped me so much to get connected and to gain strength. She creates session that is unique to you based on your pregnancy week and your requirements. Though I have attended for few weeks, it had helped me so much for blood circulation to my baby and for my blood pressure.
Suman Bhaju
Lead Audiologist & Speech pathologist, India
I joined the prenatal Yoga classes by Heal-In Sutras in my second trimester. Right from the beginning, the focus of the prenatal yoga sessions was to build strength in the lower part of the body for a natural delivery and to learn how to practice breathing. The classes really helped me to build strength in my legs and pelvis, which helped me a lot in the process of my natural delivery. Breathing practice helped me a lot during the labour contractions
Garima Sharma
I started with Dr. Shilpa in my second month of pregnancy and honestly I was clueless about the changes happening in my body, hormones, mood etc. In my first class with her she asked me about my daily routine including very minute details and guided me things that I was doing wrong. By bringing these small changes in my routine and eating habits I could see a good impact in how I was feeling before and how I felt afterwards. She is very friendly & approachable whenever you have any questions. You can trust her for sure 🙂
Shal, Europe
Shilpa has a wealth of information and genuinely cares about each client she welcomes. Since my pregnancy was high risk due to cervical Cerclage, I was able to find serenity by routinely attending the prenatal class. Shilpa and my trainer were very attentive and knowledgeable about my pregnancy issue, I never felt the anxiety of it. They have given me enough insight to assist me to get through my pregnancy and childbirth. In my 39th week, I experienced normal labour and delivered a healthy baby
Lead Dentist (U.K.)
I’ve taken prenatal yoga classes with Heal-In Sutras, Shilpa and her team have been excellent. They were accommodating during my pregnancy & analyzed the problems, complications & medical history before starting the classes & the session plan. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was extremely worried, which they rapidly remedied. I was surprised by the accuracy of customized session plans based on my needs, followed by the quick results. Continuous guidance on Diet & lifestyle is icing on the cake. All this helped in having the vaginal delivery.
Charlotte D
Lecturer, (Canada)
6 I did yoga with heal-in Sutras during my second pregnancy. I found a lot of differences between my first pregnancy without yoga and the second one. My first kid was born through C – section with many complications. Due to my smaller pelvis, it was impossible to have normal birth. Nobody except Shilpa had confidence in my natural delivery. She trained me with special pelvis exercises for my natural delivery. She also motivated me throughout my pregnancy for my natural birth. Amazingly, in the end, my baby came naturally to this world within 7 hours
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We handpick those best suited to look after you and your baby. Together, we conceive a plan to make the pregnancy smoother and calmer for you.
Dr Shilpa connects with you personally to quelch your doubts and push away your worries.
Our team of experts monitor your progress closely. Nothing skips our eyes. From exercise regimes and diet charts to regular follow-ups, we’ve got it covered

The helping hands are chosen

We study your journey deeply to reveal how you can nurture life better. Expect nothing but the best online prenatal yoga sessions handcrafted just for you

This is how we changed lives Rest assured, you are in the safe hands

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